My goal for the spring semester of grad school was to create a service that would introduce new options for time management and match up eco-centric clients with eco-conscious business. Over the period of last four or so months I’ve worked diligently on making the ON THE GO Planner idea come to life. Through many trials and errors, I’ve learned to see old ideas in new light and use new approaches to get better results.

Some of my favorites projects included learning how to apply functions from nature to my own project, shown below.

Then having to further biologize some of those functions! Or simply to re-frame our challenge into a biological context and look to nature for strategies to solve specific design problems. Here is an example of that exercise.

I also enjoyed learning how to use TRIZ – problem solving methodology based on logic, data and research, not intuition! Check it out! There are 40 inventive principles to apply to your problems and come up with creative solutions.

And lastly, I very much enjoyed barn-raising, aka reaching out to or inviting my community to actively participate in helping me achieve my specific goal and in return helping one another with theirs.


Having a strong community to lean on for feedback and input I was able to get great and sometimes tough advice that helped me better my project. The last round of feedback was eyeopening and critical to act on. Here are some features my community advised I add to my app to make it more compatible.


As this semester has come to close. I hope in near future to run new set of feedback sessions, maybe another barn-raising session and pass it off  to hands that could bring it to life, mentors, investors and programmers.

Thank you for your time and attention!