TRAVEL LOG #5: ASSIGNMENT 7.3 – There is an “I” in Ideal

“My life is my message” – Mahatma Gandhi

On my journey to being an ideal leader, somewhere in not so distant future when everything I do would be rooted in my core values and principals I try to live my life by. Which is to help if and when I can and to never stand in the way of other. I would surround myself with likeminded people focused on the good of all not just for the benefit of some. In doing so our team’s moral compass wouldn’t be corrupted for the price of a paycheck and our examples would transcend to others in the industry around us. My team would for the most part be aligned on outcomes desired and under my leadership would only work on finding different and innovative tactics to achieve those results.

The team moto would be people first. That means employees and customers alike would come first, as well as any business partners we deal with. If I am able to shepherd the team and keep people first mentality top of mind we would easily gut check all of our decisions and feel good about our actions knowing what we are doing and why we are doing it. Our company’s and team’s growth would be a direct results of actions taken.

Personal space and individuality would be celebrated and not frowned upon or stifled and packaged into a mainstream boredom. Just like snowflakes people are all different. Why not capitalize on it. Diversity of thought and expertise would be desired and encouraged on my team. Diversity would span across many areas and be representative in different personalities, nationalities and ethnicities, race, gender and sexual orientation. The more diverse the group the better. The sum of all talents and assets would equal the unparalleled strength and power of my total team.

As a leader I would promote complete transparency and respect for one another, collective wellbeing. With the right people you can achieve just about anything. You can create the right process to make the right product and make a great profit while benefiting every party involved. Each person would have an equally important role and add value in areas most suitable to them. I would make sure they know I am invested in them and provide them with significant equity stake in the company. This would allow my team to have and exercise some level of control and influence. In return the team would be invested in the company because they would be investing back into themselves. I couldn’t think of a better motivator but to believe and invest in my team as I would in myself.

I would also promote the need and opportunity to learn and grow as individuals and as a team. There would be no fear of failure allowed and risk taking would be rewarded with valuable lessons that move the whole team and company forward. Performance should never be confused with potential. My role as a leader would be to unleash the potential of my team.

Each project would be open to everyone. Employees could ideate and decide who wants to participate on it and how or in what capacity. Ideally this would be something they love doing and are an expert in. As a leader I would serve as a connector and monitor the overall progression of ideas and values generated.

Lastly, I would nurture an open environment where everyone would be connected and have mentors or serve as one. Even the best leaders have room to grow and even the newest members have something to teach.