Wherever you go, go with all your heart. – Confucius

I haven’t traveled much in the last month. But my journey is never void of places to visit and personalities to meet, including my own. In retrospect, this creative leadership journey of self reflection and deep analysis of leadership behaviors left me with more questions than answers. Like an onion, with each new layer pealed there is a new self discovery.  The more I understand myself, the more I understand others. and the more humbled I become. This class, especially this past week has been like a trust fall exercise. I am pushed to try and consider something new, expand my horizons. There is a TRIBE behind me cheering on me, supporting me. I feel courageous and I go at it victoriously! Even if I fail I know my tribe has my back. Why is that? The feeling of TRUST! Yet, in reality it’s just a bunch of voices from strangers on the other side of the keyboard. Or is it? Could it be a realm of trusted peers? I choose the latter. Because I trust, with all my heart.

TRUST… It is one of the key massages that pops up week after week. You trust your gut when something is wrong. You loose footing when there is lack of trust. We trust our leaders to do what’s best for us. We feel betrayed when they don’t.  Trusting one another gives power to all. We remove judgement and biases, we offer understanding and support. Trust is hard to earn, easy to break and almost impossible to repair.