At this point in my journey I can’t really tell how much progress I’ve made in being a better leader. It does feel like the time and perspective are changing but I’m still in the same place in life. Then I look back just 3 to 4 short weeks ago and I can see a distance between the person I was at the beginning of this journey and the person I am becoming. While I am not able to confidently say I have it all figured and mapped out. This place in time gives me hope that I am on the right track at least.

What have I done differently that makes me a better leader? A leader I would personally admire and be inspired by? Someone who models positive behaviors? Well, for starters I’ve reached out across the table to new people in my workplace.  They are players on my extended team, experts in different disciplines I find I struggle with or have no previous experience in. Expressing interesting and curiosity in what they do and why they do it helps bridge the gap in our collaboration and strengthen interpersonal relationships.

Secondly I am feeding my curiosity on daily bases which gives me energy to proceed. I am searching and digging deeper with each assignment. Finding new readings and videos to watch. While that’s a dangerous path to be on because it is easy to digress and lose track of time. I find it important to build sound foundation blocks of knowledge to build upon.

Lastly, the main strength I am developing is prioritization and time management. I am utilizing the tool called 4Ds to screen each task or need whether it is related to work, school or family.

  • Drop it (or delete it from the list)
  • Delegate It.
  • Defer It.
  • Do It.

This past week I was able to take an evening off to go out to dinner with friends and family. I was able to complete work with little planning and without too much stress. And I was able to let go and empower others to do more.