TRAVEL LOG #12 The end of the Beginning

Whoa… my first semester of grad school is over. When the semester started the end seemed so far out….  I knew I had a huge undertaking ahead, to figure out where I fit and what the rest of my life will be about. Starting school seemed like the right daunting step to take on. Now, fifteen weeks later I feel like the time on this beautiful journey of self discovery was gone in a split second! I remember thinking about having to create a website and freaking out about my ability to do so. Now I feel like a pro and love having this extension to express my personal brand and leadership identity. The first few weeks everyone seemed like a stranger and a competitor. As I reflect on all the neat people I met and friends I established because of school I feel related. They helped me be a better and more open minded person and I appreciate them for that.  The moments of stress and injustice now lead me to acute awareness of my surroundings and I am able to better facilitate conflict resolution.. As I self reflect more often I realize that I constantly reach for trusted tools (straight from the creative leadership kit) and behavioral techniques which I embraced and adapted both in personal and professional life.  Most importantly I look at all the new paths and avenues I discovered for exploring and taking. I am proud of myself. And coming from me that’s a HUGE compliment because I’ve always been my own worst critic. Now I am my own biggest fan and supporter. I believe in myself! I am confident that I can do it! While it is the end of this cycle, it is only a beginning of many more to come. There is only one way to go and that’s forward!