Travel Log #10 Shanghai Bound

Process of Creative Visualization…

After a week long break, which seemed much longer than it actually was, we are back at it! Learning and envisioning the future without limits. Assignment for week 13 was quite fun. In solitude we were to visualize a morning 3 years from now and a scenario that looks something like this…



It’s Thursday, December 2, 2020. It’s been 3 weeks and I am still very much jet legged plus too excited to sleep, so much going on. Peeking through the balcony door I see the sun at work at 5:30 am. It will be another scorching day in Hanoi. I look to my right and see my children and husband are still in deep sleep. All the travel and cultural overload has worn them out. Thankfully the 3 week excursion through China, Hong Kong and Vietnam is coming to an end in couple of days. When we will return home to America. Home… for how long? I sigh…

At this point I get up and grab my lap top and go out on the balcony. As the dial up internet is awfully slow and I am so used to Wi-Fi and speedy connection I reflect on this luxury. The luxury of time to do nothing. The time to slow down and not have everything at the click of a button. I think about my interview in Shanghai. I have a good feeling about it but I am nervous. And while I really want to know if I got the job or not. I decide it’s for the best I don’t find out till next week. This way I can be happy and enjoy rest of the time with my family, showing them around some of my favorite corners of the world. It’s December and it’s hot! And everything is new and exciting. Some things are shocking some are just funny.  But better not to know the verdict yet, not to stress them out with this big life changing news. We will either start a new journey back in States, or in China. While my family seems to be warming up to this idea of moving to China for couple of years. It may be a lot to put them through for selfish reasons of wanting this once in a lifetime amazing opportunity.

The internet is finally on! I log in to reconfirm the time for our city tour and check out some of the sights we are seeing today. When you are on vacation in Vietnam you have to accept the fact that time is a relative term. Nothing is ever on time because you have all the time in the world. I see one new email notification. Is it junk mail, probably? What if… did they respond to my thank you note? Is it good news? Or bad news? Before I can think about it I click and I see the subject line that says:


Hello from China


Dear Ms. Mesic

It was a great pleasure meeting with you again and getting to know your lovely family. While I am pleased to say that per our conversation, the official decision will be announced to you by next week. I wanted to give you good news and extend you an invitation to join our company. Please tell your family that they can look forward to coming back to China and making Shanghai their home for some time, if not longer. Enjoy rest of your vacation and we will talk and hopefully see you very soon.


Ms. Chow


… I am looking up in disbelief, beyond happy but scared. Long time coming! I am going to do what I know and love the most. I will work with people who care about making lasting difference of global proportions through some radical but exciding changes in textile industry. I am happy to have my loving family by my side to witness what is yet to come and to live a different life full of exploration and hands on adventures. I am happy that I will get to work more closely with Ellie and Natasha. Who would have thought when we met at MCAD 3 years ago that we would become business associates?

I am looking up at the sunny day ahead, full of exciting tours and explorations. But this view is the view I will never forget. Westlake Village, Hanoi. It’s the image of change and victory, forever engraved in my mind at 6am, December 2nd, 2020. Time to wake up the family and have them join me in this view too.