Each week I learn something new about myself and I learn more about my MASD colleagues.  I am inspired by their stories and journeys. Understanding their point of view better, makes me understand myself better. I don’t know them, but it feels like I do.  I wrote 2 recommendations for meet ups and received two back. Learning about how others perceive me was eye opening. Call me crazy, but I would love to meet all those people sitting on the other side of words and experiences I am enlightened by. Bring the Triads to life and see where that goes. With Thanksgiving around, I thought maybe it would be fun to have an MCAD Friendsgiving brunch, at least for the ones who are near by.  Creative Leadership summit but better, more relaxed and real. Together we can be grateful for strength and determination that brought us on this journey. We can break bread and together celebrate and strengthen our collective purpose for the greater good.