What started as a personal challenge became a mission in life. I asked myself how do I contribute to a better future. The way we live is not sustainable in the long run…. And if we don’t change our ways, we might pay a high price just to survive. Based on impact I want to have on community and society as a whole, I felt personal responsibility to make some adjustments to my lifestyle. A lifestyle that aims to take a step back from consumer-driven society filled with things to buy that are supposed to make us feel better, or happy?

My mission was clear.

Haute Green Planet website was created as part of my grad school assignment. My goal is to turn it into an interactive information hub focused on inspiring others to live better while reducing waste. We can do so much with simple and concrete ways!

We can declutter our minds, closets and cupboards, donate food, clothes and supplies we don’t need or use.  Where possible we can go plastic free and paperless. Make a switch to reusable and compostable materials. We can make home cooked meals to enjoy with family and friends. We can grow our own food or buy seasonal and local. Become an  urban gardener, compost. Thrift hunt for vintage treasures and second hand scores.  Make our own cleaning supplies. Stop buying what we don’t need. We can carpool, take a bus or ride a bike. We can innovate, advocate and do so much more.

Let’s make our planet Haute and not HOT! Some of the daily Rs to live by: REFUSE, REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE, ROT and READ on! Contact me with questions and ideas.