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One or two more metrics (yes, more!). More is more!

Based on what we leaned this week about I am adding 2 new metrics to my dashboard by which to measure or inform my effectiveness in the role of a creative leader.


One of the biggest A-HA moments I had this week was truly understanding the value and depth of IMPACT. Small gesture like introducing two acquaintances or colleagues to each other may take very little effort on our own part.


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As part of my portfolio project on what it takes to be a creative leader, I created a NOT “TO DO” list. Normally we focus on what we should do and how we should do it. Therefore we often forget to mention things we should stop or never start doing. So here is my short and sweet list of 10 items. Ranked from 1 to 10! They were based on personal experience (I was mainly on the receiving end and as you can tell those feelings have stayed with me all this time).


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2 Warning Indicators

Each week I learn more and more how important it is to take care of myself. To be a good leader, to be a good mother or a wife I need to feel good. When I am sick or down I tend to be crabby and at times difficult to deal with. Therefore, the quality of my well being is crucial element for quality of my outputs. So to start of I created 2 very simple and easily recognizable dashboards.


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Dozen Meters

The project this week is quite interesting. Instead of talking about leadership metrics of sorts we are focusing on tool and meters around our house (in my case limited to a hotel room I have resided in the last 2 days in London). We were to focus on what these meters measure as well as what metric units and scales are used to represent the measurements in. Lastly, the scope of the projects requires reflection on personal use of these meters and meaning or impact they have in our own lives.


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I’ve been thinking more and more about leadership.  What does it takes to lead? How do we measure leadership? Do leadership skills and habits ebb and flow? How often do we monitor progress? How often should we evolve and adapt? How do we learn and grow while we lead others? Well, I don’t have an answer for any of my own question but I do see myself reflecting more and more. I do however choose to stay with my metric and rating systems format because I do believe there is something to be said about consistency.


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As the week progressed and unforeseen challenges arose (workload, schoolwork, parenthood, illness and other emergencies). I felt tested in new ways however I decided I am doing the best I can with what I have. Therefore I am adding 10 new standards to my metrics’ dashboard list



Being authentic and genuine even in spite of challenges

Staying true to yourself and your core values


Present yourself in convincing and reasonable manner


Trustworthy and loyal to those you’re in charge of

Effective communication skill

Able convey ideas that spark action

Skilled at facilitating dialog


Have a level of modesty and humbleness


Exuberate excitement and belief for ideas and people


Exercise tolerance and self-restraint in hard situations

Restrain from judgment


Identify practical and sensible ideas and expectations


Ability to withstand pressure and recover effectively from setbacks


Have a dose of imagination and curiosity,

Metric Dashboard: Assignment 1.3a

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Inspired by simplicity and clarity of standard based report cards for elementary education, I decided to create a visual representation of my leadership metrics dashboard. This standard based score card also uses 4 point grading system to help assess competencies a successful creative leader should exhibit at all times. Description of each score point is listed:


STANDARDS 4 3 2 1 Accountability Commitment Compassion/ Nurture Competence Courage Decision Making Emotional Intelligence Fairness Integrity Interpersonal Skills Transparency

4=Exceeding Standards

Demonstrates superior leadership and full understanding of her/ his role,